XPM4 ( XPertMailer Version 4 ) PHP Mail Class. Can send and read messages in MIME format.
This is the DOCUMENTATION for XPertMailer Version 4.0.5. To stay update, check the online version of this documentation: http://www.xpertmailer.com/documentation/ For more php code examples, read the "EXAMPLES" folder from XPM4 download package, or/and the online web page http://www.xpertmailer.com/examples.php Notice, in MAIL Class you can set/define parameters using VERIFICATION or DEPRECATED method. Verfication method: use functions to validate (first) and set/define (afther) parameters if is OK. Deprecated method: set/define parameters without validation. It is NOT recommended to use deprecated method from security reasons. First of all, for debugging, you must understood the error reporting and trace result system from XPM4. Attention, error reporting constants must be defined before require/include any of XPM4 Class file.
Error reporting: Display (by default is on):

// turn on, recommended for debugging mode
define('DISPLAY_XPM4_ERRORS', true);
// or turn off, recommended for production mode
// define('DISPLAY_XPM4_ERRORS', false);
Send mail (it is not recommended to use, because can flood the Mail Server when loop functions are used):

$arr = array(
'type' => 1, 
'destination' => 'errors@domain.tld', 
'headers' => 'From: xpm4@domain.tld'
define('LOG_XPM4_ERRORS', serialize($arr));
Append file (recommended for production mode):

$arr = array(
'type' => 3, 
'destination' => '/var/tmp/XPM4.log'
define('LOG_XPM4_ERRORS', serialize($arr));
Trace results: MAIL Class:

$m = new MAIL;

// call 1'st function

// print result from 1'st function

// call 2'nd function

// print history, entire result
SMTP and POP3 Class:

// call a function
// print result

XPM4 Version: 0.5 Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=153855&package_id=233288 Requirements: PHP4 or greater Recommended: Latest version of PHP and Unix (generic) or Win NT platform. License: GNU/LGPL Author: Tanase Laurentiu Iulian WebSite: http://www.xpertmailer.com/ Forum: http://www.xpertmailer.com/forum/ E-Mail: contact@xpertmailer.com